Here are a few things some have said about the dolls and this project!

“So happy Lamby made an appearance in this beautiful story!! I hope other children will find just as much love and connection with their dolls.” Uma S

“This sounds like a great project and I need it more than the project needs me.” Vicki W

“I love this! Count me in to make some. A perfect activity for evening relaxation. I will spread the word!” Karen S

“I haven’t made dolls in a while and this is a good reason to get back to it.” Jenni G

“Take it global! Refugees are springing up all over the world!” Gary C

“I love this and will be sharing this post to some people I now who would love to participate in this project. And who ever gets your dolls will be very pleased!” Sherry B

“What a great idea!” Amanda K

“I would love to join in the project, it is very special.” Judi H

Yay! I can’t wait to cross the country and get settled so I can dive in!” Cheryl L

“The kids here (Kenya) will love them (the dolls) as well; so many kids don’t get a chance to own even one toy or a doll to play with. It will also help young kids with how to start to handle their next generations by taking care of their dolls like babies.” Apin Y