Refugee Org Links

Please find an organization that is helping resettle the thousands of Afghan refugees coming into our country to give your doll(s) to or perhaps if you live closer to our border states, find organizations helping settle refugees coming over our Southern border with Mexico. An alternative is an organization that is helping women and children in crisis within the heartland of our great country. There are children in every city, county, and state who would love a soft, cuddly doll made with Hands and Heart!

DISCLAIMER: Be sure that the doll you make is age-appropriate for the child receiving it! If it is for a child younger than three, be sure to make it very simple with no buttons, snaps, or anything a baby could choke on! This is vitally important! An older child can have a more elaborate doll with clothes to put on and take off, for instance. Please include that information with the doll when you give it away!

Here are some websites for organizations in the USA that are focused on resettling immigrant families and refugees to get you started:

*No One Left Behind:

*Bethany Christian Services:

*Jewish Family Services:

*Catholic Charities Community Services:

*Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service:

*Dolls of Hope: (provides dolls to children in need world-wide- they have their own simple doll patterns & very strict guidelines to make them)

**To make a donation for food relief for Afghans still trying to get out of Afghanistan: Human First Coalition: